The Art of Cool: Leather Hotel Bucket + Tongs

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Elevate your dining and entertainment experience with our Luxury Hotel Bucket with Tongs. This exquisite stainless steel ice pail is enveloped in sumptuous leather, accented with meticulous hand-stitched seams, creating a captivating blend of sophistication and functionality.


**Superior Insulation:** Designed to chill and maintain ice at frigid temperatures, this bucket ensures your drinks remain refreshingly cool throughout your gathering.

**Exquisite Leather:** Crafted from full-grain vegetable-tanned cow leather sourced from Paraguay, this bucket exudes opulence and quality, making it a standout addition to your tabletop.

**Tongs Included:** Complete with a pair of tongs, this set offers convenience and ease when serving ice for your cocktails or beverages.


  • Material: Stainless Steel with Full-Grain Leather Cover
  • Leather Care: While this bucket is designed to withstand the rigors of use, please keep in mind that leather can get wet.


Please note that the Martini Shaker and Cocktail Jigger are not included with this set.


Conditioning: Apply Vaseline to a microfiber glove or cloth and gently massage it onto the leather twice a year or as needed. This enhances the leather's quality, tone, and feel. Our vegetable-tanned leather absorbs moisture and natural oils, resulting in a darker, richer tone. Conditioning also helps blend marks and imperfections, revealing the leather's natural patina.

Liquid Contact: Our high-quality leather is water-resistant. We wet the leather during production to make it softer, so it's okay if it gets wet. Just let it air dry. Remember to condition the leather occasionally after it gets wet.

Spills & Stains: Our durable leather resists stains well, but they may show more on lighter colors. For quick cleanup, use a damp cloth. Most spills won't leave a mark if handled promptly. For stubborn stains, rub with a lemon juice-soaked sponge. After cleaning, condition the area to even the tone.

Cleaning: Hand wash gently to avoid soaking. For tough spots, use soapy water, let it sit, then rinse and air dry.