Yaz Quiles

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades in event marketing, design, and production, Yaz Quiles has crafted a distinctive signature in the industry. Her portfolio includes award-winning campaigns and collaborations with companies like HBO, Essence Music Festival, Moët Hennessy, and Dropbox. Her luxury productions have garnered international press, landed her on HGTV with Martha Stewart, and print magazine covers. These experiences have honed her ability to create genuine, uncontrived moments on both small and large scales.

Today, Yaz is channeling her deep understanding of experiential design into the realm of home decor. Her meticulously curated collections offer richness and depth, echoing a unique worldview shaped by frequent travels and a passion for collecting curiosities that tell stories. Influenced by diverse cultural experiences and her upbringing in New York City, her design approach weaves these rich textures into a tapestry that transforms spaces. Her work crafts immersive experiences that resonate with the intimacy of your own home, helping others reimagine the world they exist in.

A Natural Progression...

Qurio Home is more than a celebration of precise attention to detail and a unique aesthetic; it's a key to unlocking a historical homage to ethnic heritage. Offering a range of thoughtfully curated home decor collections, each piece is carefully sourced from distinctive parts of the world. This creates a harmonious blend of modern and enduring elegance that breathes life into your space. Through Qurio's reimagined collections, you embark on an enriching journey through diverse cultures and places, experiencing history right within your home.


Embark on a journey into a world where home decor transcends the traditional, uniting a perfect harmony of modern luxury and ethnic elegance. Each living space becomes not just a setting, but a narrative of style and sophistication under her visionary lens. Qurio Home is a collection of elements that invoke curiosity through the arrangement and display of each piece in verticals that foster an ambiance that inspires creative thought and imagination. Welcome to a unique home experience where every moment takes on a truly elevated essence, masterfully imagined by Yaz.

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